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Charming Patio and French Doors

D&M provides a wide selection of Patio and French Doors in a variety of styles, such as uPVC, Aluminium, or Timber Alternative. Furthermore, we ensure that all our doors are tailored to your exact requirements and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, offering a plethora of options.

To accommodate larger openings, we can incorporate side screens or top panels. Additionally, our doors can be designed to open either inwards or outwards. Moreover, you have the flexibility to choose the master door on either side. For added convenience, we offer the option of installing cabin hooks to secure the doors when they are opened.
Visoglide Plus Design D&M French and Patio Doors
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French & Patio Door Specifications

Our doors offer a wide selection of colours to choose from, including Smooth White, Smooth Cream, White Foiled, Cream Foiled, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak, Black Wood Foiled, Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Olive Grey, Agate Grey, and the option for any bespoke RAL color.

In terms of standard features, you can opt for either an Ovolo or Bevelled frame. These doors are equipped with a Multi-Point Hook and Dead Bolt Locking System, Hinge Security Claws, and Security Locking Cylinders, all provided as standard. Additionally, we provide an extensive range of furniture options, including ornate handles in various finishes.

When it comes to weld finishes, you have the choice of grooved, knifed, or mechanical butt joints.

Regarding glazing options, we offer double glazing, triple glazing, Georgian bar, leaded lights, colored glass, and even the possibility of incorporating your existing designs through triple glazing encapsulation.

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5 Benefits of French Doors

These 5 benefits make French Doors a popular choice for homeowners looking to increase natural light, improve ventilation, establish a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor areas, enhance the overall aesthetics of their space, and have the option for customisation.
Natural Light
Increased Vision
French Doors facilitate the introduction of a greater amount of natural light into your living space. This effect is accomplished by their design, which incorporates sizable glass panels that can be easily opened or closed according to your preference.
Enhanced Ventilation
Increased Airflow
Enhanced ventilation is effortlessly facilitated as they can be opened wide. This allows for the free flow of fresh air throughout the room, resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.
Seamless Connection
French Doors establish a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. This connection can be effortlessly created by simply opening the doors, enabling smooth passage between the two areas.
Elegant Design
French Doors feature elegant and timeless designs that effortlessly add a touch of sophistication to any space. With their classic appearance and graceful proportions, they significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.
Our doors provide inherent versatility when it comes to style and customisation. They can be skillfully tailored to complement diverse architectural styles and are available in a range of materials, including wood or uPVC, accommodating various preferences and design requirements.
Visoglide Plus Patio and French Doors Inside
Visoglide Plus Patio and French Doors Outside


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